Feast of Our Lady of Cordici
TORRACA - 3 march and 8 september Go to Village

On 3 March 1799, under the barony of Vespasian Palamolla and Teresa Moscati, an extraordinary event it occurred that changed the fate of the small town of Torraca.
The population of Torraca was threatened by the French who having ravaged and conquered the neighboring countries on their way towards the village. People, desperate, met in church prayed for a long time Our Lady of Cordici.
The prayer was heard. Suddenly he descended a thick fog and dark that enveloped the village, making it invisible to the sight of the enemy that passed. It is said that the face of the Madonna and the arm of Jesus grondarono sweat after the failed attack on the French.
Some years later, August 4, 1806 feast of St. Dominic, the French General Massena, after putting to failure and ruin the baronial castle, asportandone paintings, statues and precious objects, destroyed by a fire the archives of the parish church.
They were lost documents, deeds, registers and scrolls of great historical importance.
Since then twice a year, on March 3 and September 8 is celebrated Our Lady of Cordici, co-patron of Torraca..

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