Feast of Saint Helena
LAURINO - 22 may and 18 august Go to Village

Laurino is renewed every year in the cult of the feast of st. Helena one of the deepest spiritual figures for which the country expresses his devotion several times during the year: may 22-august 18 - 10th october. June 29, then we go on pilgrimage to places plum, the grotto of st. Helena where she died. During festival is celebrated on the ss. Mass in the church of santa maria maggiore which houses the remains of st. Helena romitella. Continue following the town's streets in procession with the wooden urn containing the relics of the saint preserved in the collegiate and transported by wagon two oxen to remember the ancient legend. The story goes that the "holy maiden" died at the age of 21, was removed from his country as a result of feelings of envy and jealousy that forced her to take refuge in a cave where he lived with strong devotion and prayer until his death. The discovery of the body different countries they claimed ownership that was later established through oxcart. At the junction between the two municipalities of laurin and valley of the angel, the oxen chose to take the road leading to laurino and from that moment it was clear that this town would become home to st. Helena. Every sunday in may is relived another tradition of the holy, represented by fanoie, small bonfires are lit in various wards to the accompaniment of songs dedicated.

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