Festival of Buffalo's products
PAESTUM - Location Capodifiume August 9 to 13 Go to Village

The Club Capodifiume Association of Capaccio Paestum organizes the traditional "Festival of the buffalo products". The event that will be held in the locality of Capodifiume, is sponsored by the City of Capaccio Paestum and was carried out in collaboration with the "Contrada Capo di Fiume" and Geny Association, with the aim of enhancing and encouraging the production of buffalo products, which have become, in recent decades, key resources for the agro-food sector of our territory.

The food and wine event entirely dedicated to the buffalo products will be held at the square of the district Capodifiume, located under the Monte Calpazio, just 100 meters from the source of Capodifiume and about 4 km from the sea. These days will be entirely dedicated to the tasting of the excellent buffalo products typical of the Campania region: in particular, you can taste in the many stands, mozzarella, ricotta, caciocavallo, as well as cavatielli with mozzarella, meat buffalo (chop, stew, steak) and desserts; good wine, excellent music and entertainment every night. In compliance with the main aim of promoting the territory and its typical features, all the dishes will be prepared with typical products coming from the municipality of Capaccio Paestum.

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