Menevavo (I'm leaving)
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"The journey has had innumerable meanings in the history of humanity. Writers, poets, businessmen and science have addressed the theme of the "journey". The motivations that drive the journey are many: you travel to know new and unknown places, for necessity looking for work, you migrate from one country to another to escape wars and devastation or to give yourself a job / professional and economic opportunity; one travels on a pilgrimage to a place of faith or simply to learn about other cultures and build new personal relationships ».

From this idea comes the Menevavo festival, which will be held in the municipality of Futani (SA) from September 2018 to March 2019.

Ten events sorted in ten locations of socio-cultural interest in the municipal territory of Futani. The places are those characterized by history and traditions where the traveler can immerse himself in the lives of the citizens who live there. An itinerant event, a journey in the journey, where musical performances, theatrical performances, excursions, guided tours, food and wine workshops and artistic crafts, exhibitions, book presentations and thematic conferences will alternate.

The leitmotif that connects events to each other is the theme of the journey that goes "From the settlement of Italian-Greek monks to contemporary depopulation" analyzed through the story of three different stories that, combined, recreate the essence of Futani.

"The experience of travel always determines a change in the individual, allows you to meet people from different cultures and stories with whom to talk, exchange opinions, tends to trigger openness to the world, telling their own story and listening to others. Analyzing and enhancing the stories related to the "journey", through the experiences lived by those who have been before us and that is part of our history, analyzing the migrations of yesterday, our ancestors, can help to understand a historical phenomenon and complex like that of current migrations. Through the project "MENEVAVO festival" we want to revive places and stories of those who, in times past, through the journey has contributed to enrich our cultural baggage ".



Menevavo will officially start on Friday 14 September, at 18:30 at Piazza Monsignor Di Ruocco, with a press conference to present the project, which will be attended by Cono D'Elia (vice president of the National Park of Cilento, Vallo di Diano and Alburni), Carmelo Stanziola (councilor of the Province of Salerno with responsibility for tourism), Aniello Caputo (mayor of Futani) and Pietro Forte (president of GAL Casacastra). The journalist and radio host Antonella Agresti (Info Cilento) will coordinate.

Afterwards, at 8.30 pm, the peculiar live soundtrack, with toy instruments, of the film "The Adventures of Prince Achmed", by Giulio Escalona, ​​a musician sui generis which is accompanied by the aid of an instrumentation outside the canons made of VHS, neon lights, nails, stones and do-it-yourself circuits.

The festival will continue on Saturday 15 and Sunday 16 with "The Journey of Peoples from East to West", dedicated to the rediscovery of the routes of the Basilian monks, at the Abbey of Santa Cecilia in Castinatelli.

The two days will start at 6:30 pm on September 15th with an aperitif at sunset with tasting of traditional dishes to continue, at 8.30pm, with the concert "Falling Stars, Rising Stars!" By the musical institute "R . Goitre "; at 11:30 pm "Journey through the stars", organized by the Zerog Astronomical Group of the "L. Da Vinci "of Vallo della Lucania.

On September 16, at 10:00, guided tour along the "Itinira" route with Giusepe Di Bello and Dionisia De Santis and the workshop "An ancient knowledge at the service of modernity". At 13:30 "Pic Nic under the olive trees", during which there will be stands of local companies. At 15:00 "Yoga in Opatija" (edited by Anna Iannuzzi) while at 17:00 there will be the conference "The journey of peoples from east to west, between Mediterranean and history". The day will end, at 7:30 pm, with the Melodia concert, a project led by Carmine Ioanna (accompanied by Rino De Patre and Giovanni Montesano) that ranges from jazz to classical, from folk to electronic music: a collective experience where the public becomes an active part of the story and often influences the flavors, colors and multiple directions that music can take.

«" The journey of peoples from east to west, the Basilian monks and the history of Santa Cecilia "is a journey that starts from afar, in the centuries when Italian / Greek monks left their homeland and populated this territory, teaching farmers new crops and new farming techniques such as terracing and flax cultivation. All this happened around the abbey of Santa Cecilia, built in 1022 and inhabited by

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