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Trentinara is that "terrace of Cilento with suggestive beauty", that terrace of the famous "Kiss please" sign, that village that loves the traditions of its land and its culture. Trentinara is the "country of bread and love". And it is from this union that GranAmore was born, the event celebrating a timeless feeling that, as simple as wheat, the raw material for making bread, needs care and attention to germinate and grow. The idea was born from the great success of the "Kiss please" sign which, installed near the panoramic terrace of Trentinara, invites the kiss with the representation of Isabella and Saul, two young lovers protagonists of an ancient legend. The event will take place on the occasion of the "feast of lovers", on Valentine's Day, from 14 to 16 February. During these three days Trentinara will dress in love with themed illuminations, flowers, music and entertainment. In view of the event, a photographic contest promoted by the Municipality of Trentinara - "You are my GranAmore" - will also reward those who will be better able to represent the concept of GranAmore: a very broad concept, which can be linked to or regardless of love as a couple. "The challenge is also to combine love with bread, as an additional element of identity of Trentinara linked to the legend of Saul and Isabella, in the aim of promoting the noble feeling of love in the strict sense and also the love for one's own land , for the traditions and landscapes of a territory like ours, Cilento terrace with suggestive beauty "said the Mayor of Trentinara Rosario Carione in this regard. Green light for creativity, therefore, while mandatory is to take, snap, or have taken a photo on the territory of Trentinara, where there are many elements related to this feeling (the sign "Kiss please", Via dell'Amore, Murals and Monument of Saul and Isabella). Participation in the competition is free and is perfected with a few simple steps: follow the official Instagram profile @ granamore.trentinara; take or take a photo following the theme of the contest, freely interpreted; the photo, compulsorily taken in the Municipality of Trentinara, must contain one of the symbolic elements (Via dell’Amore, Murales and the Monument of Saul and Isabella, sign "Kiss ... please"); share the shot on your Instagram profile by tagging the page @ granamore.trentinara and inserting the official hashtags #granAmore #trentinara. You can consult the full regulation on the website of the Municipality of Trentinara or on the Facebook page of Granamore.

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