Saint Jacobo, Saint Jacono, S. Jacovo of Diano or St. Giacomo, after the 1867 Monte S. Giacomo. Autonomous university up to its elevation to Municipality. From Salerno km. 100.

As component of the «State» of Diano, it followed in every time of its fates. Before the Sanseverinos it suffered the pleased and sad stories of the powerful family, expecially the rebellions with the consequent assumptions to the revenue of the goods.

As hamlet of Diano in 1506 once more the Sanseverinos had returned Giacomo, in that year, from the Catholic king. There is news that a part of village, from 1522 to 1599, belonged to Scipione Seripando and to his wife Porzia. In the same year, in 1522, another part of the hamlet was possessed by Pietro Tocco.In 1547 for gifts to the prince of Salerno it was taxed.

In 1589 (Arch. State of Manner, Dohana, Serious IV, n. 288) the lawyer Terenzio Castella asked to the Court of the « Dohana Menae Pecudum » because it condemned Lawrence and Porfirio of the Spina, Antonio and Nicola Castella and Betlem Cofano to release lands site in Diano in the «pertinentie de San Giacomo ».Lands were of ownership of the parish church of St. Angelo of the city of Diano.

The lawyer introduced what witnesses « Nobilis Paulus de Comite, Don Petrus Antonius Castella » and Loise of the Spina, all « de terra Sancti Jacobi de la valle di Diano ».In 1647, always as component of the « state » of Diano, it took part to the opposition of the baronage, led by its vassal, duke of Diano and Sala, against the rights of the church.

From the relationship of Thomas Carafa after the plague of 1656, we notice that the entrances of the parish amounted to ducats 35, that to S. Jacobo there were not priests and that the masses of the parish and the chapels were 256.Pacichelli informs us about the old one (fires 91 = inhabitants 455) and of the new numeration of « S. Jacono of Diano ». It misses in the Galanti. Alfano says of its 2530 inhabitants. Giustiniani says few of « St. Giacomo or Saint Jacovo of Diano », as the village was designate in the numerations. It is situated 44 miles away from Salerno with 500 inhabitants among agriculturists and shepherds.

To his times it was still in possession of the dukes Calà of Diano. Bozza writes that the village « had increased, according to Albirosa, from a colony of slaves perhaps come by the Gargano mountain with those of Rotate in 1511 ».

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