Valle Molendinorum, Valle, Valle Lustra, Valle, Valle (Cilento). University independent until its aggregation to Sessa Cilento (km. 3). From Salerno Km. 82.

First certain information on September 1112, when RuggieroSanseverino, «pro salute anime mee et parentum meorum » donated tothe monastery of S. Mango, built in the district of Cilento, the vassalJohn son of Angel, living in «Valley of the mills» with his wife,children and grandchildren and assets owned (land and chestnut).

In 1118 in CuccaroVetere, Altruda, daughter of Count John of Teano and widow of the second baron of Novi, William de Mannia, donated to the monastery of Cava land in the territory of Ve1le (Valle) and properly inLocality Giunta. The donation in 1156of grounds in Vatolla, where it saysof lustresi, was made by Maraldo Barbanso of Valle Lustra,that Ventimiglia stands out from the village of Va11e. The delimitation of boundaries of the instrument of 1187, betweenGuglielmo of Sanseverino and the abbot of Cava, about the boundaries ofproperty of the monastery of S. Mango there was one who went down fromSt. Nicholas of the «Valley » and continued along the road to Valle. About a concession of a mill, «in casale quod dicitur Valle »made to James by the Abbey, son of Landon of Casacastra, halfannuities, is news in a parchment of 1258. In the same yearAbbey granted another mill «cluod de monacho dicitur » in village of Valle Cilento, where it says Campetelle, to Gentile of Sessa for half of annuities and two pounds of wax per year. In the process of reinstatement (1276) of the assets of Sanseverino ordered by King Charles I, in the list of villages to be returned there is also «Vallis. »

In 1326 the Abbey granted to the vassalGenna of Sala, the son of Giovanni Sala (today Salento), inhabitants inS. Mango, a land with oak trees and a «casilina » in Valle, «ubi diciturLi Campanisi and other lands». The feud was always of Sanseverino, up to 1536 when Ferrantefinally sold Castagneta. Valle and Casigliano to Michele Giovanni Gomez. In 1553 the Chamber of R. summary sold the estate to John Berardino Altomare. The Mazziotti ensures that this family had long been in Valle, indeed it seems that he had from King Charles the granting of a chestnut inresort «lu Piano », confirmed in 1387 by King Ladislas. Descendants of Tommaso Altomare and Altobella Capano Rocca,Aurelia, daughter of Francis, had Val1e in 1669.
Aurelia then married Gennaro Granito, from which the estate passed to his son Carlo and then tonephew Gennaro, died without heirs. The feud, therefore, was transferred toBarbara Granite who married Michelangelo Persico. A descendant,Andrew, who in l749 was also baron of Lustra, sold Valle toAgnes Granite, sister of the Marquis Granite, who married Giovan Battista CoppoÌa, from which the estate passed to Giovan Battista Filippo on 16in February 1767.

Both Alfano and Giustiniani report that in their time the feud was in possession of the Coppola family.Antonini just mentions the name, Giustiniani places Valle36 miles from Salerno, at the northern slopes of Ste1la Mountain.

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