Gaudo, Gualdo (from wald, gualdo = forest), Galdo, then Galdo of Sicignano to distinguish it from Galdo of Cilento. Autonomous university up to its aggregation (1921) to Sicignano (km. 12). From Salerno Km. 62.

Hamlet of Sicignano, it followed with Terranova, the fates of Sicignano.

 We remember that, Giacinto Falletti, regent of the R. Chamber, to acquire the title of duke, of agreement with Giovanni Mongrovese, purchased with fictitious action Cannalonga that gave him the circle title (decree 3 March 1713). The fraud cost a great deal to the «Mongrovese » because the son of Falletti pretended the possession of Cannalonga.

The controversy lasted for a long time until Theodore Falletti abandoned it getting, nevertheless, a dispatch that prohibited to the «Mongrovese », that arbitrarily was obteined the title of duke, to decorate him of it. The title was transferred then (to. 1795) on Galdo (of Sicignano).

The parish church of Galdo had served from a pastor; it was restructured in the first halves the'700. The church had the title of Gaspare, Melchiorre and Baldassarre that the erudite local believed built by Sicinio, Roman tribuno of the populace, for which Sicignano.

Antonini mentions as soon as to the village. Giustiniani puts it 40 miles away from Salerno, near the alburnum, said then mountain of Sicignano. To his times it was inhabited from around thousand people, agriculturists and shepherds. It misses in Galanti. From Giustiniani we learned about population from 1532 to the 1669 of around 200 inhabitants.

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