Feast of St. Matthew (patron)
CASALVELINO MARINA - On 21st september and 6th may Go to Village

On may 6, in the chapel of St. Matthew commemorates the transfer of the body of the Saint apostle evangelist, simultaneously with the cathedral of salerno. This event is part of the planned merger of the five places velia, casal velino, rutino, capaccio salerno and who guarded the remains of St. Matthew. The mass ends with a candlelight procession. The community of casalvelino is very linked to the cult of St. Matthew and on this occasion lives a week in celebration. Solemn rites september 17 to 21 with the traditional fair of St. Matthew, events with typical products in the other day and very popular musical events that see the participation of renowned artists. Great suggestions will evoke the sea procession with the statue of St. Matthew and parade of congregations to welcome the holy, the torchlight procession on the water, the floral and the procession of ancient cente, accompanied by the sound of bells.

Cultural Association "Cilento on the road"

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