Festa di Santa Maria di Grottaferrata
ROFRANO - From 7th to 9th september Go to Village

The cult of the virgin mary is deeply rooted in this community, the country is linked to the abbey of St. Mary of grottaferrata in rome in fact even in rofrano a shrine was built (rebuilt several times because of land slides) simple in structure but impressive thanks to elevated position from which seems to protect the country.
In honor of the holy town organizes a large and important festival, many residents returning from abroad or send offers or commission the "cente" votive of thanks (which every year more numerous).
On 7 september they celebrate religious rites, takes off in procession to the cemetery for the blessing of the dead and in the afternoon you continue again bringing the painting of the patron Saint, with the blessing of the cente. The day of celebration in the morning, the wooden statue with the sacred icon are carried in procession by the many faithful who together with cente and the musical band parade through the streets of the town making even stop to watch the fireworks daytime and then return to sanctuary. The evening is organized a raffle with local products offered by the faithful and there was a great concert, at the end of the show the pastor and some believers go back to the sanctuary to take the statue of the Saint to show the fireworks in her honor.

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