The rediscovery of an ancient village
EREMITI - From 4 to 6 august Go to Village

Second edition of the event "Discovering an Ancient Village" during which, from Sunday 4 to Tuesday 6 August 2019, it will be possible to live, taste and discover, with a series of initiatives, the village of Eremiti, a fraction of Futani, in the province of Salerno.

"Mainly there is the desire to create, like last year, a food and wine and cultural event different from the old and static popular summer festivals of our villages. It is thought of as a journey through the alleys of our country, where cheered by music by various genres, you can taste typical products and admire photographic installations, craft creations, culinary workshops, paper or multimedia reading corners, such as the Museo en plein air Marinaio Francesco Chirico "- explain the organizers.

During the event it will be possible to taste some of the typical products of Cilento in the food and wine stands that will be set up in the streets of the village.

Everything will be enlivened by traveling music, a photo exhibition, craft markets.

Cultural Association "Cilento on the road"

Via S. Anna, 20 - 84050 Rocca Cilento (SA) - Italy