Hortodonico, Ortodompnicum, casalis Orti dominici seu Orti domici, Ortodonico. Autonomous University until its aggregation to Montecorice (km. 5). From Salerno Km. 75.

In the Archive of Cava there is a sale of 1162 with thewhich Marino, son of Comi, and their children John and Orso,«Inhabitants on site said Hortodonico » sold to monastery of Cavaa ground «in loco fiumicello. » Of the hamlet is also news(«Ortodompnicum ») in the process of reinstatement (a. 1276) of the assets ofSanseverino.

Sold the barony of Cilento, the feud of Ortodonico wasauctioned (11 March 1553) and won (20 March 1553) by Lucadel Pezzo, which alienated it in favor of Giovanni Antonio Poderico in1555. He gave it the following year (d. 880) to Silvio Amoresano, from whichson Domitius Junior, who sold it to the heirs of Charles Gual-tiero, whose family was still held in 1664. In that yearwas lord of Zoppi and Ortodonico another Charles Galtiero that alienatedthe estate in favor of the feudal lord of St. Mauro, Pompilio Gagliano,which gave it to Baron Salvatore Alchimio.

He sold it toIgnazio Genoino that in November 26, 1734 got the title ofMarquis. But having noticed that the price agreed and paid was higherthan double of the actual value of the feud, went to magistrate for termination of the contract. Diego Genoino,son of Ignatius was able to compose (1750) the dispute, so Genoino got the header of the fief of Or-todonico (6 July 1785), where they had built a palace Genoinowhich included a square tower of the sixteenth century admired by deGiorgi.

His successor was Francesco Maria, father of Andrea (April 81798, death February 6, 1857), which by the Marquis of Vincenza PetraCaccavone, besides various females, had four sons: Ignatius andCharles (b. April 8, 1839), both died without heirs, and the twins Francesco and Diego (b. 28 October l842). Andrea had obtained a firstlegal recognition of title with real decree in January 10, 1836, butsince the title was incardinated to feud Ortodonico by decreeMinisterial of July 10, 1886 the title was recognized definitively,with that of Count Palatine for males and females,

Charles (b. 1839,m. August 12, 1897) died without heirs, so the successor was the firstborn of the twins Francesco and Diego.Mazziotti writes that Ortodonico was a convent ofAugustine ansia monks, St. Mary of Graces suppressed with the note « Instaurandae » (22 ottobre1652) of Innocent X(Where today there is the church of the same name).Antonini writes «Ottidonico » remembering Capograssi, Cosentini and Zoppi. Gustiniani puts the village on a hill at 43 milesfrom Salerno.

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