Alfano, Alfana, Alfano. Autonomous University until its elevation to Common seat. From Salerno Km 126.

First news in Angevin Registers for having concealed three-burner stove,for which the recovery order of tarì 22-and-a-half.In 1496 (February 4) King Ferlante II granted «fidelitatem et amorem erga Nos statumque nostum Magnifici MilitisJoannes Carrafe Nobile Neapolitani, Policastro con S. Giovanni aPiro, Bosco, Torre e Alfano, tal quali li aveva posseduti Antonellode Petrutiis et Jo. Antonius eius filius ribelli ».

Giustiniani, however, says that the fief of Alfano was in possession of Sanseverino to whomIt was transferred to the Treasury and then returned by King Frederick.  In 1561 Muzio Dal Verme denounced the death of her father who owned Alfano infief. In 1566 G. Battista Carrafa, count of Policastro, renounced to lite levelled against him by Muzio dal Verme about criminal jurisdictionof Alfano.

In 1588 Andrew Brancaccio purchased the fiefdom. The 29 September 1619 the viceroy the Duke of Osuna gave consent to the salemade from Scipione Brancaccio to Dr. G. Andrea Vernallo, or Bernardo, from Campagna for d. 9500, which renounced in favour of son. He then sold the fief to Diego Vitale of Cava for d. 10,500 in 1624. In 1669 Andrea Bernalla possessed it. This family possessed it still in 1700.

In fact, MariaRosa Bernalla in 1759 had the feud for succession by his father Andrew (16 m.September 1752), who had succeeded his brother Benedict (m. 13 April 1737). Giustiniani places the village 60 miles from Salerno givingthe only numbering of 1648 (40 fires = 200 people and 1669 (fires 41: 205 people), whereby it is to be supposed that the plague has just infierite in the village.

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