The Work

The Work “T’AGGIA FA VERE ‘U CILIENTO” (I’D LIKE TO SHOW YOU CILENTO) of Domenico Volpe is divided into three prestigious volumes that span 187 villages presented by artistic shots of the author and enriched by  cultural and historical content, stories, anecdotes, curiosities, vibrant traditions and ancient origins that come back to life thanks to meticulous research.
Cilento is represented in its colors through thousands of shots that tell more than thousand years of history projected into the future as a hope of redemption for this land so rich in culture.
From castles, bastions of the past but not forgotten splendor, the churches guardians of fading frescoes, exciting images and fascinating stories of princes and kings, of disappeared villages and those that still today are home to a quiet life and active in their ancient stones.

Starring are countries/towns of Cilento, Vallo of Diano and Alburnus listed in alphabetical order. D. Volpe informs us of how and why possessions, baronies and villages passed from one lord to another one and how they disappeared. The artist has reconstructured point by point the history, legal administration of places, digging in the memory of the ancient Archives and secular books. 
From Abbatemarco to Zoppi, the author gives us news and etymology of the name by entering curiosity on use of the middle ages, on beliefs accredit and on new discoveries and archaeological finds.

An ambitious path and extraordinary result of ten years of painstaking work, the “hunger” of roots, of stubborn and patient researches with cross-checks together with the passionate commitment in the acquisition of images through its art and photography. In the silence of views, D. Volpe captures with his camera and his soul, the life that has passed but that is still alive in the memory. If is true that “memory is like living”, this land will never die. “We are what we remember” and memories that cover our eyes, remind us of our humanity.

The work was presented  for the first time on March 22, 2013, in Bottiglieri Hall of Augustine Palace, seat of Province of Salerno.
Large representation of admires of this land and its beauties. The excellence of the speakers contributed to the success of the event which was attended by eminent representatives of the culture of information with their valuable contribution as Paolo Apolito, professor of Cultural Anthropology at University of Rome. Prof. Giovanni Blasi, author of the preface of the Opera and Dr. Barbara Cussino, executive of the Province of Salerno in Museums and Libraries. The debate was moderated by journalist Dr. Giovanni Blasi and to invite the unique parterre, was the Cultural Associatio “Cilento on the road”.
The president of Association, Maddalena Volpe, outlined the aims and expectations of revival of Cilento entrusted the work “T’aggia fa vere ‘u Ciliento” (I’D LIKE TO SHOW YOU CILENTO).

Cultural Association "Cilento on the road"

Via S. Anna, 20 - 84050 Rocca Cilento (SA) - Italy