Aulecta, Olecte, la Olecta, Auleta, Alecta, Goletta, Auletta. Autonomous university up to its elevation to Municipality. The old inhabited area was on the other side of the Tanagro. From Salerno km. 67.

In the territory of Auletta six Latin epigraphs are been recovered till now. The most ancient parchment reached, says us that Auletta is of the 1095. It is the unpublished work diploma of Raynaldo or Raynolfo, gentleman of S. Agatha, that with his child Gioele gives to the churches of the SS. Trinity and of the blessed apostle Pietro of Olivola two lands, of which we have the confinements.

In 1097, Gioele, «filio raynoni brittonis », gave for soul to the aforesaid churches 43 lands near Auletta, Castelluccio etc. In 1121, Gioele that « felt » (sentior) to be next to die, gave, together to his child Riccardo, gentleman of S. Agatha, to the church of S. Pietro apostle olive-groves and forests near Auletta with the city of Sant'Agata, confirming the donation made by his father.

In 1131, Nicola, count of the Principality, the count's child Guglielmo, confirming how much his father had granted to the church of S. Maria of Pertosa, extended the concession for soul to the vassals of the church, also granting the right of fishing in the river of Auletta with the obligation, however, to bring every Easter <>.In the Archives of the Abbey of Cava there are other 9 documents about Auletta from 1182 to 1296. Different are also the news that is learned by the angevin Registers.

Galvano Lancia, uncle of king Manfredi and partisan of Corradino, had appropriated of Auletta.The local baiulis, with the pretext that the officers of Galvano Lancia had demanded the right of faithful from the families of S. Maria of Pertosa, pressed on that vassals, which had the right of pasture on lands and mountains of Auletta. The abbot Amico turned him to the king, then in the castle of Nocera, what (12 September 1267) wrote to the executioner to prevent that the inhabitants of S. M. of Pertosa ulterior came increased. King Charles I (Lucera, May 3 rd 1259, XII) had also granted Auletta to the first-born of the count of Fiandra, for which the order to executioner to make to swear fidelity to Roberto or to his attorney from the vassals of Eboli with his hamlets, of Caillette, Auletta, Giffoni, Campagna and Buccino.

At the same time he ordered to the «castellano » of Giffoni to deliver the castle with all of this that contained to the pre - said Roberto, which had to live with his family. Similar orders were put again to the castellanis of Campagna, Eboli and Auletta, castles all given with the dependent lands. Over these the king gave to Roberto of Fiandra also Caillette (Quaglietta) and Buccino, until the <> was held back in the Kingdom. Since Roberto returned in Fiandra, the king ordered that all the given goods were summoned to the regal Curia, inclusive Auletta that was then granted to Guglielmo of Saccanvilla, real adviser, of which different news is reached there, among those that refer to the transfer of the hamlet of Galli and the feud of Magnabove.

Subsequently Guglielmo returned to the king, among the other goods, also Auletta asking to be able to exchange them with Padula that had been granted to the nobil man Bertrando del Balzo, count of Avellino and from he returned. The castle of Auletta, then returned by Guglielmo of Saccanvilla, was granted by the king to Guglielmo of Ernardi of Birano, gentleman of Campana. The king, having learned of some transfers of families from Potenza to Auletta, ordered to the executioner of Basilicata to order to the aforesaid ones to reenter to Auletta with families and goods.Is news also that Auletta had hidden 122 fires, for which the order of recovery of ounces 30 and taros 15.

Raymond Berengario with part of Gravina, had had also Acquaviva and Auletta. It seems that Giovannella, wife of Mattia of Gesualdo had purchased the feud from Giovanna, first-born and heir of the militiaman Giovanni Piletto, with the consent of Margherita, Giovanni's wife from Procida and stepmother of Giovanna. To Roberto, child of Mattia, the assent was given the possibility to happen to the barony of his father, that possessed Caggiano, Auletta and Calitri in 1339, and to Giovannella in the case that his was dead before her.In the 1445 king Alfonso ordered to regularize an uncertain fiscal matter of the place. Auletta was well strengthened.Giustiniani, misunderstanding, affirms that it was besieged by Charles V (4 July 1533) and conquered after twenty days.

Sacco clarifies that the village entertained Charles V and its numerous succession back from the enterprise of Tunisi. In 1649 Nicola Ludovisio, bought the feud, prince of Venous. In November 10 th 1714 on Auletta was granted the title of marquis to Luigi Vitilio. From this, with attached lands of S. Angel Le Fratte, through G. Baptist, it passed to his sister Emanuela. This married Andrew of Gennaro, napoletan patrician, from which the first-born and successor (24 July 1798) Filippo Vitilio of Gennaro, counted to the gold Book in Naples.

Not having had descendants, the title passed to the second brother Raymond that married the noble Rosa Revertera of the dukes of Salandra. The only heir, Emanuela Beatrice, married the noble Anthony Castriota Scandeberg (17 August 1810 - 2 December 1899), from which the only male Giovanni (birth on 11 February 1847), which with regal Letters Patent 4 of April 1897 got the recognition of the title of marquis of Auletta, that of the predicate of S. Angel le Fratte was written on The gold Book of the Italian Nobility, together to his child Francis (7 June 1875).

The Massacre of AULETTA. Between 27 and 29 July 1861 the population rose up in weapons against the ruling House Savoia. This brought, on July 30 to a bloody repression from the Regal Army, that arrested around two hundred rebels, 45 of them were killed, among which a physician and a priest, and it ransacked and it set on fire the country.

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