Sala, La Sala (also in dialect), Sala Dello Ioyo, Sala Lo casale, Sala di Gioi until 1863, then Salento to avoid homonyms. Km from Salerno. 84.

The first news about Sala are in a document of Cava of 1043: «In finibus Lucanie, ubi ad sala dicitur. » Almost certainly to the samefarmhouse refers a news of Angevin Registrars of 1272 «Sala Maiorin the Principato. »

Confirmation in diploma of Errico de Morra, executionerof Frederick II, transcribed by Mandelli, with which Errico and his sonJohn allow to John from Trentinara goods of Sala withindicating the respective obligations of the local families to the Lord.Certainly it was the seat, as Salella, of a Lombard settlement, because the name means «domo in curte facta. »

This is confirmed byneighbors names (Omignano) to secure Lombard origin Offoli and Saffoli.Around the room, the mansion, then were built «homesFarmers » involved in the large farm unit, headed by the principles of atheir «fideles. »By Notamenti to Directories is that the houses of Sala and Salella,together with that of Cornito (Vallo), belonged to the Hospital of SS. Annunziata of Naples, on the donation of the gentlemen of the Ratta, accountsCaserta and barons of Castellammare of La Bruce (Velia).

From Directorieswe learn also that Francesco Sanseverino, count of Lauria, Duke ofScalea and Baron of Cuccaro and Castellammare of Bruce, in 1445 donated«The venerable church of SS. Maria Annunziata of Naples's landCastellammare di Bruca with them houses Scio, Catona and Terra Dura, seu Bruna »with the related rights and jurisdiction of the causes.

Said feudwas maintained until the Neapolitan known failure of his Bankso the sale of all its assets.In Refute are also traces of transfers of farmhousedate back to 1600, but for which there is no other confirmation. In 1675, alwayspre according to Refute, the house passed to Giuseppe Laudisi to Hippolyta Palagano from her, and then to Carlo Calà.

The transition to SS. House dell'Annunziata of Naples, however, is missing from all backgrounds. In 1733 the housepassed by Joseph to Stefano Maresca, in 1744 from these to Andrea Bernalla, then Marcello Cala and in 1757 to Carlo Maria Calà. In 1760 by Nicholas Piro passed to Rosa Maria Sofia and Francis Bernalla Bammacaro, thewhich in 1763 had already bought Salella by Giovan Battista Pasca.

No less interesting news that are deduced from the headersGudali of R. House Sommaria and confirmed by coupon .In the period 1767-1805 Sala is headed to Joachim Bammacaro,and from 1759 to 1764 to Giuseppe Maria Calà. In the period 1767-1805 the feudal title is of University of Sala, for which it is to be supposed that the university, using the «jus praelationis » enshrined by the known Pragmatic 13on January 1588, could buy from feudal through the «Demanio », as in 1733 S. Biase did.

The house was obliged to make usefor several years the scope benefit, but in 1787 the contemporary header university and Gennaro Bammacaro, which reads up1805, was a source of constant complaints.In order for the population Giustiniani puts it this way: «Sala LoCasale, so that in the situations of the Kingdom, to distinguish it fromSala said in the same situations Sala La Terra » (Sala Consilina). In 1532 families residing in Sala ascended to 40, were 86 in 1648 and 35 in 1669, with a tendency to increase in the following years.

In 1860 the inhabitants were in 1547.The village was a pilgrimage site for the miraculous image Immaculate, known in this area as the «Madonna of Salella »for explaining how the local church had been the first of the territoryelevate marble altars.

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