Autonomous University until its aggregation to the City of Laureana (Km. 1). From Salerno Km. 65.

First mention in an unprecedented sale of 1,090 made in Cilento,where we read of the brothers John and Lando, sons of Amato, andbrothers Peter and John, sons of Orso, «Toti abitanti de laureanaubi dicitur sancto Martino. »

The aforementioned declared « habere rebusin ipsum preceptum de Pirsicito », received for inheritance, which sold to the monastery of St. Archangel for thirty gold Constantine. About village is then news in the Angevin Registers of 1270,about two «servientes» of there.Cedolario shows that Aniello de Simone (m. On September 81754) had bought the estate from Justin (R. Garofalo with consent1733).

By Aniello passed to his daughter Rosa and from this to his nephew MicheleRonchi, for succession. Michele had the header of S. Martino with title of Duke on 7 September 1782. At the beginning of 800, the feud was still ofRonchi family, with title of duchy, writes Giuststiniani.Antonini places the village «in the aquifer of the hill [RoccaCilento] where there is still the small hamlet of St. Martin and otherlike housing. » Giustiniani places the village 36 miles from Salerno, on a hillside, whose inhabitants were all shepherds and farmers (Production of wine, chestnuts, walnuts and acorns).

Even of the «Casalis Santi Martini » we have the census of1489, but no news that the village was inhabited in 1508. Butby the acts of the census, we learn of a family of Castellabate, whose a survivor in 1508 was transferred to St. Martino. Giustiniani informs us of the subsequent censuses until 1669.

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