Caselle, Caselle in Pittari. Autonomous university up to its elevation to Municipality. From Salerno km. 127.

If the «castrum Caselle» mentioned in the Liber inquisitionum it is not to report to the inhabited area site in the district of Cilento, of which it is mention in the document of the bishop of Paestum of 1142, the first news of Caselle is to look for note in the restitution of the goods served as king Charles I to the blind Ruggiero of Morra.

Of Caselle there are two documents in the file of Cava. On March 13th, 1330 the pastor of Caselle, Nicola, living «jure langobardo - rum» prepared for will some legacies to the clergymen of Caselle. The year later Phillip Carbone of Caselle sold a vineyard to Lawrence Fusario of Montesano to Caselle for an ounce and two tarìs. From the Cedolario is learned that Chiara Cristiani was an owner of the village with the title of marquis for succession from her father Angel (m. 13 June 1764).

The title had been granted on November 6 th 1681 to Angel Christians, senior, husband of Eleonora Castrillo of Diego that had originally gotten a title of marquis. Gatta puts «Casella» on a steep hill and he remembers «in the said region the famous Cave devoted to the prince St. Michael Arcangelo on the Pietrato mountain» where the prince of Salerno would have built a cenobio, to his times dependent from the apostolic «center which fruit annual dukedoms six hundred in around ».

Galante assigns 1650 inhabitants to the inhabited area. Alfano 1200.Giustiniani situates the village on a hill 7 miles away from the sea, and to 66 from Salerno. Crossed by the Bussento, that is originated from the mountains of Sanza, the village counted to its time 1700 inhabitants. Giustiniani also informs about the population between 1532 and the 1669. Still to his times Caselle was feud of the family Cristiani.

Saint Michael

On 8th may and 29th september

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