Gualdo, lu Gualdo, Galdo. Autonomous university up to its aggregation to Pollica (Km. 4). From Salerno Km. 87.

Its name appears in the most ancient document in 1172, with which the abbot of Cava, Benincasa, purchased Galdo from Goffredo of Corbella, son of Ruggiero. It passed then, it is ignored in what way, to the Sanseverinos, to which, the conspiracy of Capaccio, was returned later, among the various hamlets of the Cilento, in 1276 to the time of the Angioinis and since then it suffered the stories of the Barony of the Cilento.

Under the Aragonese kings, Galdo was granted to the Griso family, together with the hamlet of Celso, and similarly with it, it passed by Mazzeo Griso in 1499 to his child Anthony and from him to his nephew Gian Matteo. These, with will of February 10 th 1570, he left the feud of Galdo to his child Anthony thatdied in the 1612. Beatrice Griso, daughter or sister of Anthony, brought in dowry the feud of Galdo to her husband Donatantonio Galtieri of Castellabate, which in 1610 he declared baron of Galdo.

From Donatantonio it passed to her child Thomas and Phillip Galtieri, not having subsequently had children, it gave such feud to his sister Beatrice that went bride to such Anthony Del Giudice. He tied the feud to his sister Cristina wife of Fabio De Fusco of Ravello and she transferred it to her own child Agostino that still possessed it in 1716, one daughter of his named Beatrice, revenges in July 14 1728 Galdos to Francis Paul Galdi of Castellabate whose descending they have preserved the title of barons of Galdo.

A chronicle of the notary Gaiola reports that in February 3 rd 1741 there was in Galdo a fair against the gentleman of the place that was then the same Galdi. A parliament having been orderly for the choice of the chosen of the village and was called to assist the governor of it Anthony Vassallo of Gelso.

These, understood that people wanted to re-elect Carmine Matonti and Anthony Masullo, nomination non pleasant, he refused to assist him and he turned the back to leave. A team of canters picked him up and tied him to the prison, asking the liberation of the Masullo confined in it for wish of the governor and since the baron to this didn't want to allow, they broke the doors of the jail and removed the Masullo of it. For this action of violence, to application of the governor, Galdo was sent to the Fiscal of the Regal Hearing.

From Giustiniani, 1801: «GALDO of CILENTO or Gaudo, is a scanty land of the Principality of Citra, in diocese of Capaccio, as other land said Galdo of Sicignano. It is on a hill with good air and inhabitants of around 250 sons all employees to the suffering of the country.»

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