St. Anthony of Harbour
PALINURO - From 23rd to 26th september Go to Village

On the morning of september 25, 1949 some rowing boats left the harbor to go fishing the fish spada.nonostante clear skies unleashed a storm that began in difficulty fishermen and family members began to pray to the Saint located in the chapel of the port hoping for a miracle. Thanks to the Saint and prayers of their loved ones, all the sailors returned home. It was one of those fishermen who returned to strive to make due honors to the Saint.

So from day 23 to 26 september in palinuro celebrates St. Antonio harbor between processions and prayers to the Saint.There is also a time of fun especially in the evening with performances and shows organized in the country.

We kick off preparations on 23 september, 24 is leading the assumption whose statue is accompanied by the chapel of the port to the church of Santa Maria di Loreto and then be brought back to the port to the accompaniment of the band and a show fireworks. 25 is the day dedicated to the Saint with the celebration of holy mass in the chapel of the port and later to the accompaniment of some local bands. Follows the procession by land and sea and leaving the harbor the blessing of the sea, then return to the chapel with the final blessing. To end the evening is organized a fireworks display. 26, the festivities end with the last performances and the concert in the evening.

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