Our Lady of Carmine
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In the church of the annunciation or of carmel was built in 1505, it is celebrated in honor of the madonna del carmine. The church houses the precious eighteenth-century statue of mary. Carmel's work of colombo. The virgin wears a beautiful crown and with one hand holding the child crowned wearing a dress decorated, while the other carries a flower and the scapular. The dress is of carmine color in memory of the hanging of the carmelites and the surface is decorated in white. According to tradition, the virgin of carmel is particularly protective of the charcoal (the feast day, the charcoal burners of capracotta extinguished the coal and made pilgrimages to agnone) and masons, protecting also from earthquakes and landslides. In the last century and up to twenty years thanks to the contribution of immigrants, this anniversary is remembered as the most beautiful of agnone also celebrated by agnonesi residents in argentina. Every year on july 16th is celebrated a mass attended by pilgrims from areas of the Sangro and then proceed in a procession through the town followed by local bands. For the anniversary it is organized the traditional fair and the country is decked with decorations and fairy lights.

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