St. Demetrius
MORIGERATI - On 26th august Go to Village

San demetrio one of the most venerated Saints in the east and was martyred for refusing to deny the christian faith. In the village of Morigerati the Saint is celebrated on october 26 and also on august 26 to give the opportunity to the many faithful who have left the country, taking part in the festival in the summer.
In honor of the patron Saint are held big celebrations, pilgrims come from all neighboring countries to attend the mass and the procession with the statue of the Saint through the streets of the village. It is believed that the tradition of venerating the Saint is related to the greek monks who settled in the area to escape persecution, bringing with them a sacred icon of the Saint preserved today in the town church dating back to 1300 that has the dome of the bell tower in oriental style. According to another legend instead it believes that the bust of the Saint who brought back an ancient inscription in greek, was found in 1350 and 1400 in a case which ran aground on the beach of the Villammare. All people felt too heavy to carry, except for shepherds of morigerati who managed to lift it because to them it was light "like a feather". Hence the belief that it was the Saint to choose the country.

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