Museum Festival
MORIGERATI - 17 August Go to Village

The event is scheduled for today 17 August from 20:00 in the historic center of the small village perched in the hinterland of the Gulf of Policastro. The squares and streets will be transformed into an open-air food and wine trail, in which the protagonists, once again, will be the typical local dishes. Lagane and chickpeas, fusilli, wild boar, all prepared by hand by the locals. During the evening, from 16.30 pm, you can visit the Ethnographic Museum of civilization was born in 1976 by the passion and work of collection of Clorinda and Modestina Florenzano, direct dall'antropolo Luciano Blasco. Starting from 22:00 the free concert of TerrarĂ²ss, musicians and minstrels Murgia will perform in the square Plan Gate

Cultural Association "Cilento on the road"

Via S. Anna, 20 - 84050 Rocca Cilento (SA) - Italy