VELIA ROMANA: The Legio I Italica in the Old City of Elea
ELEA - VELIA - Go to Village

At the second edition of VELIA ROMANA, the historical reconstruction of events organized by the municipality of Ascea, in collaboration with the Archaeological Park of Elea - Velia, Ascea the Pro Loco and G.A.V. (Gruppo Archeologico Velino). On 24 and 25 September, in front of the Archaeological Park of Elea - Velia, the legionaries of Legio I Italica recreate an ancient Roman camp (castrum) in which it held structured educational activities with the legionaries engaged in performing life from field exercises; preside over religious and military ceremonies - all in the strict respect of philology and historical sources, exciting field of research and inspiration for our reconstruction and experimentation activities, designed to give the visitor something more.

The daily movable range, which will be installed at the entrance of the Archaeological Park of Elea - Velia from Saturday morning (September 24) and will last until Sunday morning (September 25), is the main venue of educational activities, with sections dedicated to the topographic instrumentation, astronomy, field kitchen and religion.

On Saturday evening we will move in the Archaeological Park, which on the occasion of the Heritage Days will remain open until 24:00, and where, from 20:00 we will witness the celebration of the Roman Rite and the dishes tasting ancient Rome.

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