Historical Remembrance of Charles V
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"1535 Carlo V in the Land of the Hall", the XXIV edition of the Art and Trades Arts Review, takes place on 4, 5, 6 August 2017 at Sala Consilina (Sa).

The historical re-enactment, which revives the sumptuous reception organized at Sala Consilina in 1535, during the passage of Emperor Charles V, returning from the expedition of Tunis, is now a fixed event for thousands of people who appreciate above all the very high quality of the shows And the genuineness of the best dishes of the Salento gastronomic tradition.

Scenario of the event will be the characteristics of lanes and squares of the districts of Santo Stefano and Santo Eustachio that in three evenings of history and show will revive the suggestive sixteenth-century atmosphere. You will be able to admire stone portals, visit the ancient gentile palaces (Favata, De Marsico and De Vita) specially open to the public for the occasion, Grancia di San Lorenzo, historical annotation of the Certosa of Padula and the numerous churches (San Giuseppe , Santo Stefano, Sant 'Eustachio, St. Nicholas), which still retain the charm of a time unchanged. In addition, thanks to the participation of historical groups from all over Italy and many of the locals who have been participating in the exhibition for many years, many shows will be held during the three days of the event, Renaissance and Oriental markets will be set up.

Cultural Association "Cilento on the road"

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