Fortress of Art VIII EDITION
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On August 24, 25 and 26 (like every year) - in Roccagloriosa in Cilento - the cultural-gastronomic show "La Rocca delle Arti".

The village, which has its presence in the territory of the Lucani since the 6th century BC. to. C., in the three days of the event becomes a journey to the discovery of art and taste.

<< The Rock of the Arts is one of the most important events of the Chilean summer billboard. The success of the event is due in particular to the entertainment of any kind that enlivens the evenings of August 24-25-26, "said Mirko Grizzuti, President of the Proloco of Roccagloriosa.

Popular music, theater performances, paintings, sculpture and photography exhibitions will be the protagonists of the three-day Cilentana days. The alleys of the old town will be decorated with prepared items, mostly recycled materials in the respect of the environment.

This year's novelties will be the ceramic pottery workshop (as it used to be) by Domenico Pepe and the small restoration work of the chapel of St. Joseph by Francesco Bortone and Daniela Gazzineo.

From the point of view of gastronomic art there will be the following laboratory activities: the first Discover the Cilento honeys (with Francescoantonio Cavalieri and the Apiculture Association Province of Salerno) and the second The oils of Nicolangelo Marsicani with the participation of Maria Manuela Russian, Rosalba Plot and Piero Matarazzo.

The audience, besides being able to participate in a workspace dedicated to art (Artistic Canvas Installation) and one focused on the game (Giocastorie Principi e Principesse), will experience a journey through time thanks to the storytelling workshop and historical characters. The first day will be a narrative titled: On the machine of time: the kitchen in the Middle Ages. On the second day, however, the narratives will cover the finds of the Middle Ages. On the third day artists will focus mainly on magic in the Middle Ages.

Satisfied with the event, also the municipal administration, says Hope, Gerundo, President of the City Council: "We have now reached the eighth edition of the event, which is a fixed date for the citizens of Roccagloriosa and those of the district. The event as usual will take place in the historic center and to allow visitors to easily access the area of ​​the event there will be a free shuttle bus service from the car parks located in the Laura / San Cataldo area to the historic center of Rocca >>

What see:

The museum houses archaeological finds dating back to the IV and III sec. BC, found during various excavation campaigns inside the town and necropolis, remains that testify to the life of the site until the late imperial and medieval age, are also interesting carvings, gold, silver and bronze artifacts and Gold jewelry of extraordinary value and manufacture, such as the necklace with pendants and braided braided with snakes.

What to eat:

The Roccagloriosa Torroncino, also known as Torroncino dei Sposi. This is a specialty created by the women of the village: once, the same, was prepared and offered at the wedding banquet, when it was still customary at home.

Cultural Association "Cilento on the road"

Via S. Anna, 20 - 84050 Rocca Cilento (SA) - Italy