St. Francis Fair since 1570
ROCCA CILENTO - From 1 to 4 October Go to Village

The Feast of St. Francis takes place from 2 to 4 October in the historic center of Rocca Cilento, a splendid medieval village developed around the fortification of one of the most beautiful and ancient castles of Cilento, built in the 9th century, still open today.

The Feast of St. Francis at Rocca Cilento has been held since 1570 and is a historic event of the place.

It was born in the past as an occasion to meet the Franciscan friars with the gifts of nature, visited by the monastery: hundreds of people (fishermen and peasants from different places) met near the convent of Franciscan friars to attend all event and at the San Francesco Fair.

The Saint Francis Fair was the last party of the season that gathered people from different places, ready to trade and make supplies of food, clothes and animals during the fair for the winter.

Today, the Feast of St. Francis, is always kept close to the old convent and the old town center. It celebrates the ancient tradition by making it known to all Cilentan visitors and not only the typical dishes of the tradition and the flavors of the place.

The specialties to taste on this occasion are: homemade fusilli and seasoned with gourmet sauce and simple sauces, cooked by locals, as well as grilled meat, sausages with chips, cooked onion once and the cooked bacon boiled with laurel and fennel and much more; all accompanied by good cilentan wine.

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