Fair of frecagnola ... Waiting together winter
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The fair has always been of great economic importance to the exchange of goods and livestock of all kinds. Already existed in the period of feudalism as ancient market since 1450 and is denominated fair saint lucia arrived to the present day as the fair frecagnola.

According to some, the name comes from the tradition unchanged frecagnola the preparation of boiled goat, according to others by the disappointments that you could run into a fair bold and so lively.

Today the fair lasts five days and is a great value also at the regional level. In the period of september each year from all over italy come not only visitors but also traders and farmers to set up stands with typical chestnut branches along the streets of the town where you can taste the typical products made from goat meat, sausages and cheeses and the robust local wine. Numerous musical instruments typical folklore cilento, ethnic and folk music performances, exhibitions of painting and photography as well as moments of reflection in the cultural beauty of the village and the historic center. It applauds "pelea cabaret" which can involve everyone in unforgettable nights with his accordion and his gags.

Cultural Association "Cilento on the road"

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