In the land of mith: PALINURO and LICUSATI

The itinerary departs from the coast, to the discovery of the splendid Palinuro, famous bathing tourist destination that takes its name from the mythical helmsman of Enea that died because the god of the sleep made put to sleep with music and sweets words and then threw him in water.
Famous for its sea, Palinuro is characterized above all for its caves among which the "Blue Grotto", so called for the intense color of its waters.
After a trip on boat and visit of its grottos, we departs to the exploration of the medieval village of Licusati where notable interest have the Italo-Greek monastery of St. Peter of the year 1000; the ruins of the Castle of Montelmo (said Castelluccio); Santuary of Maria Announced; the parish Church of St. Mark and the Buildings Crocco and Sofia.


  • 9.00 a.m.:
    Participants' meeting in the Chili square in front of the House of the Mayor. Departure for Palinuro on a great tourism bus.Trip on boat and visit of Palinuro grottos.
  • 1.00 p.m.:
    Lunch in restaurant tasting typical products of the territory.
  • 3.00 p.m.:
    Departure for Licusati. Visit of the medieval village.
  • 5.00 p.m.:

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