Pluppi, Puppli, Cloppi, Li Puppi, Pioppi. Village aggregated to the municipality of Pollica in date 8 August 1806. From Salerno Km. 90.

Where the village is today, near the sea, since 994 there was a church devoted to St. Mary of Pioppi that belonged to the monastery of St. Mango, as we know from the donation of the principles of Salerno Giovanni and Guaimaro to the abbot Andrea.
Near the church a village was formed of which the Abbey did the purchase in April of 1110 for the price of 1800 gold money and it is also suitable in the instrumento of December 1113, although the inhabitants don't designate of it, as is done for the other hamlets mentioned there.

The village, that takings the name from many poplars that were found in the place, was given with the instrumento of 1113 from Torgisio Sanseverino in the Abbey of Cava. In the register of abbot Tommaso of 1261 is specified the incomes that the monastery withdrew of it. In 1276 it was inclusive among the hamlets of the Castle of the Abbot returned to the Abbey, with the name of Cioppi and in 1309 with the name of Li Puppi.

In the same century and precisely in 1358 was given in dense, as it is designated in an inventory of abbot Maynerio, and it passed then in 1410 with all the other hamlets of the Castle of the abbot to the king Ladislao.

Feast of Our Lady of Carmel

16 july

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Feast of the Sea

From 19 to 22 june

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Blue fish festival

From 31 August to 2 September

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LATITUDE: 40.176084

LONGITUDE: 15.090948400000002


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