Celsitani, Celsum, Celtio, Celso. Autonomous university up to its aggregation to Pollica (Km. 2,5). From Salerno km. 89.

A tradition tells it was built by some inhabitants of Pollica that wanted to leave their own country for serious discords. The name of Celso had origin from its position on a hill, or from the saint of which is said that he was preserved a relic there.

The name of Celso appears for the first time in an instrumento of April of 1110 with which Guaimario gave to the abbey of Cava the hamlet said Massanova, that was set next to Celso. In the outskirts the said village Pregenito also existed in the region now called Preinito. Celso belonged in the XII century to Todino brother of Gregorio, gentleman of Capaccio and nephew of Guaimaro IV prince of Salerno, who gave Celso to Simone, abbot of Cava.

A lot of lands and vassals of Celso also belonged to Stabile Milite, son of Zuri Boni, that, for devotion, dressed the monastic suit of the abbey of Cava in the year 1143 and in such circumstance he made donation to it of all of his wide goods in the Cilento. Celso depended on the Castle of the abbot in the century XII and in good part of the following one, and there was later also in 1264 which passed, it is ignored why, in the barony of the Cilento. It together came then to Galdo granted in feud, probably during the Aragonese kingdom, to the Griso family.

This family was one of the richest and powerful of the zone. It possessed, besides Celso and Gaudo, a lot of incomes in the hamlets of Pollica, Cannicchio, Valle e Rutino. Celso belonged to the family Griso up to 1653, when Antonio Griso sold it to Tommaso Gualtiero, baron of Galdo, but the Court took possession. The creditors of the Griso set to the auction Celso together with Vatolla, and the one and the other one stayed award to the general Giovanni Rocca, baron of Beloved. Died the general Rocca, his widow Chiara Vespoli with action of March 30 1668 sold the feud of Celso to Vincent Capano gentleman of Pollica.

The last of the Capanos, Joseph, not having children, sold the feud to Ercole De Liguoro. Subsequently in date 26 September 1804 Joseph De Liguoro sold the feud of Celso to the family Mazziotti that today possesses still the title of barons of it. From the Giustiniani 1801: «Celso: land in the province of Principality of Citra, in diocese of Capaccio, distant from Salerno miles 40 built above of a hill, where good air is».

Feast of Saint Celso

28th of July

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Romanian festival

August 21st

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