Feast of st. Michael Archangel
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The oldest document which is preserved in our Church is the book of Baptisms dated 22 January 1567 and on the first page of the same book reads verbatim: Parrocchial Ecclesia dell'Angilo the Hamlet of Rotino.

Already at that time, our parish was consecrated to the cult of the Archangel Michael, whose spread was due mainly to the original Lombard Valleys lower Elbe took to Italy in 568, who converted to Catholicism adopted it in place of their God Nordic Wotan.

A date even earlier, that of 1421, we find it engraved on a stone of the outer wall of the left aisle.

Another significant testimony to the age of Rutino Parish is offered by Pasquale Magnoni (1763) in a letter sent to Antonini Baron tells us that through the Pitturazioni found in the Crypt, our Church was built in very ancient times, in any case before the year one thousand.

Much more recent are the news about the celebrations in honor of St. Michael. We know indirectly that the feast was celebrated every year thanks to the records contained on the book of accounts "Income and Outcomes" of 1759 in relation to the compensation of the Sacristan for greater services rendered during the novena to the patron saint.

As for the Sacred no existing document representation in the Parish talks about the ceremony or at least suggests that this should take place in a given period of time.

A loose sheet of 1866 lists the vessels of gold and silver and other metal plated relevance of our Patron Saint Michael the Archangel, and between these objects lists: a Lancia, a silver helmet with three pens of which two gold, an armor and a red Skirt braided gold.

These objects: the Lancia, the Elmo, the Armor and Skirt are part of the kit worn by the players during the Holy Representation and there it reasonable to assume that the sacred mystery of the struggle of St. Michael with Lucifer was represented even before 1866 .

Many local elders claim to have ever heard of the celebration of the feast of the Angel and the Devil.

In every way we can say thanks to the news that we have passed our ancestors, that the duel between the Angel and the Devil takes place continuously for several centuries, always interpreting the same dialogue adapted from the drama "Paradise Lost" by J . Milton who inspired the popular tradition.

Through these long years it only changed the date of the festivities, May 8th, which commemorates the day of the apparition of the Archangel Michael on Mount Gargano, the second Sunday of the month of May.

And in this second Sunday of the month of May that the Archangel Michael becomes Angelo, secured to a rope stretched height of ten meters around that crosses from one side of the village square, to fight the inspirer of contention, the arrogance and pride of the Angel he set light at the head of the rebel Angels and became the enemy of God and of good.

The Flight of the Angel festival is undoubtedly one of the most fascinating attractions because it's taken on children by instilling in their hearts the most indelible memory of the Sacred event. otherwise you can not explain the faithful and timely return of many villagers scattered to distant lands in the days of the Flight of the Angel holidays.

Not only rutinesi, but many visitors who having seen the religious drama when they were children, now adults experience the nostalgia of once again review what was left imprinted in their eyes and in their hearts.

The Angel's choice is made through the selection of some male children who are subjected to the test taking into account the weight, which must not exceed forty kilograms, of the item to be quite acute and melodious and some ease in playing the role .

Each angel soar through the skies of Rutino says he felt no emotion or any fear when he was hooked to the shroud at the height from the ground of about ten meters. This is because during the harness, which used to be made with strips of fabric, the angel's little body, enveloped by the bands connected to the hook should support him by giving him the impression of being well protected, it is absolutely safe; Moreover, while the cable coupling, the front part of the festival committee, holds tight to whether the child and not leave it until you are sure, after having tied the hook to pulley.

Now is the day of the festival, the chosen child is subjected, in the home father, the habit, starting with him wear an embroidered white petticoat, a blue dress trimmed with gold thread embroidery and embroidered on the chest scales, symbol of justice in addition to the inscription: Quis ut Deus.

Tights with two blue stripes that wrap around the legs. Complete donning wings, a pair of white sandals, curly blond wig, the Elmo with chin strap and a shield tied to the left arm; later two soldiers of the Carabinieri Carabinieri in full dress delivered back the sword duel.

Once the ceremony of dressing the Angel is accompanied in the Church by the parents, by some faithful and by the band as well as by the two Carabinieri we said.

After listening to the solemn Mass, the various Catholic associations are predisposed for the procession with the patron saint carried on the shoulders of the faithful.

The procession along the side of San Cesario, that is, the east side of the country, with a brief stop to watch the spectacular and renowned battery fireworks.

Once the path east, the procession stops in the square, and the bearers lie on a table the statue of Saint Michael by placing it in front of the stage that serves as Hell. At this point the angel begins his flight starting from the loggia of Casa Canonica and slowly is continued until the middle of the path.

A silence fell over the square where people massed crowds to better enjoy the show. The representation begins with the Angel's hand that soon after joining the voice gloomy Devil. After the verbal skirmish, the Angel accompanied by bursts of applause, reaches the other side while the Prince of the Angels, in procession, to walks along the opposite side of the country. Upon returning from the procession, in the square came the Angel armed with shield and sword back on the scene and faces the bitter enemy Satan after a symbolic duel defeats the making collapsing to the ground. It was the traditional party of the flight of the angel to the applause of the people and the melodious sound of the band "G. Verdi" of "Rutino City".





Angel: (sings)


Noble prince,

the Ciel invincible warrior,

of the throne

ardent defender,

Today with great pomp,

in shame of proscribed

infernal serpent is celebrated.

Big party in your honor.


Devil: (reads)


A shame of the proscribed infernal serpent! Who are you to dare insultar one who was your superior at one time? One who shook the yoke of Omnipotence, which lifted the Empyrean against Perpetual King of Heaven, putting in evidence the high His supremacy?

If I were supported by strength, chance or fate! But, my cruel event, or against my destiny!

O ye who in blind horror of vigilante dead cities are, monsters, rage, give me free 's entrance.

But no, I can not resister, to my sorrow fier that consumes me, ouch, remembering how we lost there Heaven in such shameful defeat that despite all our glory was extinguished.

Although beaten, not tamed, again we long to expose myself to the test and now here I want to prove to you.







Vanne or proud in the pit horrible,

not provoke God's terrible wrath.




Perhaps atterrir want me breathless with compartment of your threats?

Bold, insulter, you know me to try and do you know what I was in the day of battle formidable champion!

And now, although fallen into this fund with horror, every pain and every hotel misery, not changed it is I from what I was, indeed boldness and vigor m'accresce of revenge burning desire.

Here I am ready to rinnovar the battle, here the hosts of heaven and won prostrate at my feet I see, beyond dell 'Empyrean on lofty peaks celebrate our longed-for triumph, there will plant the banner of our victory.




Vain efforts you are doing if you are not parties

I here what I can tread on the mud.




I do not leave it annihilated and remain off despite your rather I want.

(Looking in the hatch)

Rips the earth a horrendous earthquake and from the deep abyss Universe thunderous rain of huge fire inestinguibil fire.

Open Averno breasts and between rotating globes of smoke and scrap flames against heaven the most terrible champion grant you success the abyss: Asmodeus, the stronger will of the rebellious spirit that Fabbro Eternal stripped the Empyrean and populated l ' Hell.





Due as well, or cursed monster,

but he leaves this soil being protected by God.




I will burn this country with that flame in my heart ferocious blazes and burns.




Even as an altar burn each core

but it will flame of celestial ardor.




Dark language that my heart is war, sow discord on this Earth!




Vainly you tempt spirit of Averno,

parts from this soil falls to 'Inferno.




But who are you to depart m'imponi?




I am a messenger of God unto thee, O traitor

you me stagger to the comparison.




(Throwing with disdain the gallows on the ground)


Well proclamation of war!

I will return among my faithful and formidable champions to summon them for battle. On this field you will see shortly, blazing with anger and terror, Averno gather the most valiant spirits of which the multitude of it equals that of the stars and fulgor wins it.

You, here I wait, and meanwhile you will prepare all 'horrendous conflict.




Vanne and well back, I'll wait for you here,

and, alone, against your accept the combat.




Open yourself or earth and give me free, step into the realm of death!

And you eternal shadows, vigilant guardians, the way cleared to your king comes back into the abyss.




And I'll explain the flight to Paradise

refulgent with joy and smile.












(Asmodeus midway through the trap door, looking around)


O of seats ethereal, Prenci, Possanze, King, Sons of Heaven!

Of these lofty titles rejection are we to do then? Instead of being named, Prenci of the abyss, and that we will live in such cowardice and a lot of us then?

We, heavenly diva lineage from Heaven bandits, trampled and casts, here we will of chains and torments?

Ahoy mates, you stay in the deep prisons, including eternal tormentors cowardly weeping, while I, invincible champion, from quest'orrido abyss footer sospingo and the warfare against Ciel m 'am going.

(Jumps out of the hatch)

Here Asmodeus field. No longer s'insulti Pluto, no longer quarrels.

Oh my god monarch Prence Supreme radiant ranks, that in 'harsh tenzon posed the risk of' eternal empire, today I will see my valor, against the champions of the same God.




She loves the King dell'universe stars

and you consume your cowardly anger.



(Aghast and trembling, peering into the sky looking 'Angelo)


O my eternal enemy, even if I left you here and yet here I find you?




You sfidasti me and I accepted the fight.





I am ready, yes, but with your Duce, Duce I now must face me, or all together with Ciel, so will buy more glory by winning and I lose if I won.




Or shy babbler,

sol my sword, scatter throughout your gang.




Against you that d 'insultar ceases at last he vents the rage that consumes me.

(Looking in the hatch, while you hear the sound of chains)

O potentates, or principles, or warriors of the honor Ciel already were, the Ciel already ours and now unfortunately lost, girded with lightning and thunderbolts armed, tentiam of living force and all at a time of Ciel from high towers open our breached.

Shake, arise or are lost forever!

...... ...... Next Next Next or my brave comrades and trust that today after the battle, bypassing the mountains and storms, will go up in the most sublime part of Heaven and there on the Mount of the Old Testament, next of 'kite, planted forever in our shame, finally avenge the insults and the shame of our germ, created by people so rude and mud ilk.

Weapons to us, therefore, to arms.




To us !

(Fighting with the ringing of swords)


Folli against the Lord of the Firmament,

Who can resist is dispersed therein

Even as the dust before the wind.


(Standing on the ground)


Alas lost, ashamed to Pluto!

Alas what state a blind precipitar pride I fe?

(Getting up and staggering)

From what happiness in what abyss of eternal punishment!

Where or put me where escape the wrath of Him who can? Where the same my desperate fury?

Wherever I flee you throw open the 'Hell!

Farewell happy fields, living in eternal joy, goodbye forever!

Hi, gloomy world of horror, you m'affido and I hide in the bosom of your night. (Goes down the hatch)




Sing from the lofty sky choirs,

Serafini tron ​​or to the supreme God.

He fell in the deep abyss of horrors

its legions of rebels unfair and rio.

Glory to God in the splendor of Heaven.

Be peace on earth to 'humble and pious man.

To you faithful Creator of campion

eternal honor Archangel Michael.

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