Saint Nicholas from Bari
BOSCO - From 7th to 10th may and on 6th december Go to Village

From may 7 to 9 are held solemn celebrations in honor of the patron saint, st. Nicholas (he relives the translation of the relics of the saint). Already on the eve of the holiday flowing into cities many "ziazì" that pilgrims devoted to the saint. One of the traditional ways is the offering of the bread to the basilica. In recalling the ancient arrival of the relics of st. Nicholas, eve takes an evocative historical parade in honor of the saint. Over 500 parade in period costume with the image of the saint arrived by sea to reach the basilica in his honor. The day of the festival there is the solemn procession in which the statue of the saint is carried to molo san nicola where you hold a religious celebration, after the statue is then transported into the sea by a festive procession of boats. Towards evening it takes place the rally of the boats at the pier and greet the return of the saint in the church with a new grand procession that term with "the artefìzzie" that burst of fireworks. Following the mass the next day, in the crypt of the basilica we proceed officially to the levy of the holy manna (which drew the benedictine monks from the bones of the saint) in the presence of believers and religious and civil authorities. On day 10 the last day of the party, after mass in piazza del ferrarese the statue of st. Nicholas is brought in procession to the basilica. Then he found the streets to eat together and have fun with concerts and fireworks enliven the city. Saint nicola is also celebrated in bari also on december 6, the anniversary of his death. One of the traditions related to the saint is why girls who wish to marry write their own aspirations double on cards inserted into the glass case that houses the statue of the saint. According to some legends, it seems that the saint has allowed three poor girls to get married by giving them three bags full of gold coins. Since then it is represented in the traditional iconography with three golden balls in hand.

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